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Who wants hair like this, say πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ @alexcentomo is serving some major summer hair inspo in her 24" Blonde Balayage @luxyhair extensions ✨✨ Lovelies, when you shop now, you get to CHOOSE a free limited edition gift - take your pick between @luxyhair compact mirror, or tortoise hair clips πŸ‘€ Which will you choose? Craving more hair? Check out @luxyhairlove @luxyhairlove @luxyhairlove for a closer look at @luxyhair extensions πŸ™Œ #luxyhairlove
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@luxyhair will there be 24 inch mocha brown balayage and mocha bronde balayage coming out?
😱 Wow so stunning omg
Waiting for the set I want to be in stock πŸ’§
really so beautiful😍
What I really want to know is where is this place? It looks pretty
So pretty 😍
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Absolutely gorgeous color! 😍
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I hope mine will arrive soon! 🀞🀞🀞 I always thought you guys were a Canadian company, surprised to see shipping out of the US