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Photo by @justin.jin My wife, Heleen, and our daughter, Jasmine, swim around the Koster archipelago, a protected reserve off Sweden’s west coast. The landscape, dominated by smooth bedrock, bears witness to volcanic activity and subsequent wear due to the Ice Age. It’s summer, but the water is cold. Please follow me @justin.jin for more stories and images from around the world. #sweden #koster #island #sea #wildswimming
I see they have some ducks for company.
Im here for Trump who else is with me
Very good news for you 8AM this week is a very important thing as well and the same as it was before fod
Me congelé yo de sólo mirarlo
Beautiful 😍
Pure Heaven, wish I was there👏👏💜😊
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Schitterend !!👏👏👏👏😍😍😍
Such a beautiful capture 👍👍👍
Love the Swedish archipelagos
Pablo y señora junto al presidente van a hacer de supervivientes en esa isla. El programa dura 60 dias.