1 day ago
Slow roasted some cherry tomatoes this morning with olive oil, garlic and oregano. These will go in the fridge topped with more olive oil for pastas, risotto, and more. At the end of the tomato season I’ll make a big batch to freeze. But today we ate them over creamy hummus with flatbread.
Can you tell us more about freezing these?!
I put them over pasta 👍
My fave! 🍅
Simple pleasures 😍
Delicious combination! Yummm
Holy shit 🔥🔥🔥
Oh yum😻😻
Total heaven
Will make today! What temperature did you roast them at? Also interested in freezing them. Please share how. Thank you for making your delicious food!
Best looking pre-dinner snack 👌😋
wow! 😍
Sounds and looks very delicious 😍
Perfection 😍
This looks amazing 😍
Love this with the hummus 💛
It’s a yes for me!💯
What a delicious snack!