1 week ago
Again, thank you so much for sharing all of your @teremana experiences with us. As the founder of Teremana, there’s no greater satisfaction than seeing you all love our tequila. Heart and soul infused. Spirit of the earth. #teremanatuesday #tequilaofthepeople 🥃
Heck happy anyday yeah
No soy de tequila pero para un buen Margarita siiiii me encanta intentaré comprar una botella y ya os diré si me gusta seguro que si😍
How do you get this stuff to Sweden 😎
Happy Birthday!..therock come up with something for nondrinkers.
I want teremana rock I m from South India
Can you send it to me. 😍
very beautiful lady
So sweet Bro
شبیه عمو جانیه