1 week ago
On vacation and still eating all the tomato toast. Also, I love it here ❤️
#pnw #oregon #summer
That tomato toast!! 🙌
Lovely pictures and landscape!!💚💚
Yes to all the tomato toasts 😋💚
Great post 💯
That’s the way to be 😍
I’m not the hugest fan of tomatoes but this post might’ve just changed my mind 😍
Those tomatoes 😍😍😍
Those tomatoes 🔥
Looks magical 💜
This is just magical. I hope that toast was perfect
Gotta take advantage of tomato season!!💛
I so need a vacation! Looks idyllic 🙌🏻
Perfect 😍
Soo good 😍
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Looks delicious! I could live on tomato toast, Jersey tomatoes are the best! We have them almost daily! 🍅