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Words we’ve told ourselves and words we’ve heard others say. While our circumstances are unique and we suffer in different ways... one thing remains: it is okay for you to acknowledge how you feel. You are not alone. It is so important to sit with our friends that are struggling to validate or accept how they truly feel. — We have all been stretched in new ways and the mental health of many has been greatly impacted during these past few months. Our friend Jenny Perez, is a graduate student studying mental health counseling and creator of the blog "A Space to Just Be." She made this blog to share information with others about mental health and wellness. We hope this can be a place where readers will feel free to come just as they are. On her blog, she talks about some thoughts and mentalities that she has recently noticed in both those around her and within herself. These times have been challenging for all of us, and each in different ways. It is our hope that wherever you may find yourself today, may you know that you are not alone. (Link in Bio)
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Thank you for sharing!
Yes it’s true that others can have it worse, but it should make what others are going through less, it’s ok to feel depressed/sad or whatever, feeling should be validated and met with empathy.
I totally disagree with such quotes and sayings! People, please never use this with a suffering friend or relative. Be empathetic. I think how people feel should be valid, regardless of the situation of other people! Giving less value to how one feels, will not help, acknowledging the pain, helps heal it. By saying such things, you push other people into a shell, and they'll silently suffer out of politeness. People need to know that it's okay to be vulnerable, you need to feel your pain, later accept and acknowledge it, to eventually heal it. It's a process. No matter how small.
Great quote! I totally agree! I just sent you DM by the way 😊
Not all hope are lost