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“It drove my mom mental. The minute I got home, I was right in front of the computer. But video games were the only place I fit in. I was never very popular in school—even though I wanted to be. But things were different online. People respected the way I played. Back then it was mostly Warcraft III—and I was good at it. I wasn’t ranked at the top or anything, but I had over 1800 wins. Most people didn’t even believe I was a girl. One night I was randomly paired with a player named SirFishingKill, and we stomped the other team. We overran their bases with a giant army of crypt fiends and frost wyrms. Then we played another game. And another. Until before long we were playing almost every night. Our conversations were mainly about strategy, but gradually we learned more about each other. His name was Patrick. He was eighteen. And he only lived a few hours away in Toronto. During one of our talks I asked if he wanted to meet. At first he was reluctant because I don’t think he believed I was a girl. But when I visited Toronto with a group of friends, he agreed to meet us at Union Station. I had no idea what he looked like. I just knew he had blonde hair and blue eyes. So when I finally found him, I kinda clammed up. It was like: ‘Oh my God, this guy is cute.’ We spent hours walking around the city. We went to the top of the CN tower. And after that day, our conversations became much more frequent. We’d have these long MSN chats every night. I’d rush to my computer the moment I got home. It felt nice. To get to talk to someone. Even if it was about my stupid day. Patrick was the first boyfriend I’d ever had— even if our relationship was mostly online. He broke me out of my shell. I wasn’t the girl who stared at her shoes anymore. Somebody cared what I had to say. The relationship only lasted seven months. We were so young, and there was no way long distance would work. But my new sense of confidence stayed with me. And several years later, when we reconnected as adults, everything just clicked. We got married in 2017. It wasn’t a total gamer wedding. Nobody dressed like elves or anything. But we did play some World of Warcraft tavern music at the reception.”
“I’d rush to my computer the moment I got home “ when two souls connect...❤️❤️
@leanne.allen.doula this story reminded me of what you told me yesterday. Not that your situation is the same. Just that the irrational insecurity rang a bell 💜
What a great story!! So happy you two found each other again. Your wedding sounds like it was pretty cool! 👍😍👏🙏
I needed to hear this!!! I hope my amazing kid finds a game chick😍😍
Oh my goodness this is beautiful 😍😍
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I’m not crying 😭
@whitetigercass WoW Classic 🙌🏻 😂
@09niki10 i know you won't read this but the ending 😭😭
Great story. Lovely couple. 👍😀
This is beautiful❤️
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