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QUESTION: Covid took us out to create anything new for our Fam, but now we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and we’ve been dreaming up new product ideas! What is something you want to see?
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car stickers!
Definitely some car stickers, new shirt designs, journals, room decor
Car stickers!!!! Keychains, bracelets, new apparel, stickers, journals, rings, pens, stationary!
A friendly suggestion for apparel on your website is to show all clothing on at least one person (ideally two) where the entire shirt can be seen and the models have different body types and wear different sizes. It is also helpful to note what size people are wearing. I also found the colors in the photographs to be somewhat deceiving, not sure if a filter was used, so make sure colors photograph accurately. Love the message and mission of this company!
Zip up hoodies! Things in mustard yellow please.
A deck of cards filled with stories from all of your beautiful followers. Daily reminders that we are not walking this alone. And we are all Worthy of love❤️ Just a thought😘
New shirt designs, a tapestry would be cool, art prints, tote bags 😍
Sweatshirts/pants that are super yummy soft.... car stickers, phone covers
rings!! prints.
Bumper stickers, plus sized women’s shaped merch, hats for big noggins ❤️
Ever consider partnering with @knownsupply for your apparel?