1 week ago
Big love for this vegan sauce pasta made from cannellini beans with lemon, garlic, rosemary, crushed pepper flakes and walnuts. Recipe from @sarahjampel 💛
@prashkrishnan @saipriya.iyer
@pennyfrancesapothecary omg looks amazing!!! 😘
Yes please!! Love cannellini beans 💕
Okay craving pasta now! Specifically this 🤩
Whoooaaa sounds too good to be true hah
Oooooh!! Anything that combines pasta, crushed peppers, garlic and cannellini beans HAS to be good, right?
Yumm this looks delicious 😋
This looks so good 🔥
@gh0st.mutt yehhhhhh 😍
Omg what! This looks so so good
Gorgeous 👏🏻
I just realized I have all the ingredients for this! Can you share the recipe link?
This looks so good🤤♥️
sounds so delicious
Wow this sauce and pasta looks incredible!
This looks amazing 😍
Craving pasta now... 😍
Goddddd we need this in our lives!!!