1 week ago
Let’s face it—flyways, stragglers, and overzealous hairs that grow way faster than the rest of your follicles are an everyday part of having a beard and mustache. And trying to trim those stray hairs with a cheap pair of scissors is about as effective as using a butter knife to chop down a tree. Instead, grab a pair of Beardbrand Beard Trimming Scissors that are actually cut out for the task at hand. Designed by Eric Bandholz, our scissors feature a matte finish with gold accents. The blades are Japanese-made 4034 stainless steel with an HRC rating of 55-56, meaning these bad boys are sharp and stay sharp for years of precision trimming. Go ahead, get those stray hairs in line and keep your beard looking sharp with Beardbrand Beard Trimming Scissors.
👌 Always great too have one of these too hand in the morning 😂
This is definitely going to be my next purchase! 👌🏼👌🏼
I’m growing a beard, and not sure if I should still be keeping it trimmed above the lip line or redirect it to the sides and commit. Does eventually stop growing into the sides of your mouth? 😂 Thanks!
My butter knife chops trees easily. Idk what you're on about.
Just ordered 🤙🏽