1 week ago
- using Sea Salt Spray, Utility Balm, and Eau de Parfum. #Beardbrand #KeeponGrowing #model #beardmodel #beard #mensgrooming #beardstyles #beardcomb
Literally feels like the hat was all that he needed here😂😄
Cool video buddy.
No offense but I feel like you let the back grow out not for style purposes, but to create the illusion that you’re not balding. When do you ever see this man without a hat? He says it’s for style but he’s just trying to hold onto something that’s long gone. Points for creativity though, making use with what he’s got.
Lokking great. Man you rock your style. Hope to see you guys soon
serial killer style
What happened to the Skullet? Or is this an old video?
How do you apply fragrance will cause Jeremy Fragrance to be mad😂 @jeremyfragrance
Tf is that hair....
Sly is fly!
Does @beardbrand ship to UAE?
What is up with this dudes hair? Lol
Miss ya homie
Do you guys recommend using the sea salt spray in a medium length beard? Or is it more just for hair?
This has do be a joke🤣🤣
Great video 👌
Where is that hat from👀
I’m so happy you guys dropped the gold line colognes!!! I’ve been praying for this for years! And I don’t even pray like that! 🤣
Co to kurwa ma byc bartek ???