1 week ago
Bad day? More like bad year...😩
Has Doug met James Charles💓💛💚 love you Doug
That’s just sad why would you post this
I feel ya Doug 🐶❤️
My life right now 😂
The ice cream low key made me sad 😢 ❤️
Ahww, dont be sad 😢
Ahww, dont be sad 😢
Smile please
So much love to doug
poor dog i gonna cry dont hurry
Doug! It's just life.
Old video but beautiful😍😍😍😍
I hate watching this video it is so sad especially the ice cream part
Poor thing❤️❤️❤️
I Love yoy🐶❤️
@aldocastfranc enamórate del perrito igual que yo
@thethabanin and @rowan_vr17 for some reason the ice cream hit me the hardest😢💀
Why dose this make me sad?!