2 weeks ago
I have all of these tomato recipes that I planned on making, but really, I just want to eat them with lots of salt and olive oil, on their own. Or with toast. It doesn’t get better!
Yes me too... on a piece of Ezekiel toast with a slice of avocado added, S&P, Chili Pepper Flakes... my favorite ❤️
Wow this is gorgeous!
Yummm 😍
These tomatoes are so beautiful!! 😍 What a versatile ingredient 🙌
Perfect toast 😍
So summery! And so pretty too 😍
Also just with butter 😬 I’m a disaster!
Mmm these tomatoes look so yummy ☺️
Pleaseeee a gluten free sourdough
just perfect!
I so agree with you❤️
Tomatoes are so good in summer 😋
Delish 😍😍😍
I love this 🙌 tomatoes are at their best during the summer months 😍 so juicy, delicious and full of flavour 😋
This looks beautiful 😍