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If you feel some sort of something when reading these stories, and think that you could benefit from more of that something— do I have great news for you. The first HONY book in five years is less than two months away. ‘Humans’ features hundreds of stories from around the world, providing an intimate glimpse into all types of lives and experiences. Perfect for that person on your list who hasn’t completely given up on humanity and still has the capacity to feel an emotion. In all seriousness: thanks so much to everyone who has preordered already. The response has been great so far, and it’s really helped to give the book a lift. If you haven’t already, consider reserving a copy through the link in the bio. There’s always the chance you’ll forget about it over the next few weeks, and it will arrive as a surprise to yourself!
How do we order & get delivered to Australia please?
@victoriaud_y !
Can I buy it from sweden?
I’m looking forward to reading this ❤️
@marinadowd Dan’s card is waiting
can't wait to add it to my collection
@mateuszcedrick @zou_lamoroso
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Can’t wait to receive it !
💯one of the best contributions to the human race💙
Preordered! ❤️
@betweentwoberns my birthday coming around the corner 👀
Just preordered it! Can’t wait
Wawo beautiful
Need sugar baby to spoilt this week
I think I have the first two, is this the third, or are there more I need to hunt down?
@irisnoeperalta mirá amiga la primer foto, la podemos ( de acá unos meses) vestir a Sarita de Frida Kahlo para sacarle fotos😍😍😍
@alyciaboone Halloween costume for Benny and his maaaaammmmm???
I'm orders in ❤️