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“During my ‘Little House On The Prairie’ phase, Mom made a covered wagon out of an old Radio Flyer. She was always crafting and inventing things. That’s how she was during our entire childhood. When we were watching The Sound of Music, she sewed the costumes for us. And when I fell in love with American Girl dolls, she wrote a movie about the characters. She invited my friends to be the actors. And she even rented our local theater to screen the film. My interests changed as I got older, but I never outgrew my dolls. I learned photography by taking their photos. I’d create little scenes and stories. And whenever I had a new idea— my mom was there to help with the props and outfits. I needed the encouragement because I never had much confidence. Things got especially bad during high school. I hated how I looked. And what I wore. I felt self-conscious that my hobby was dolls. My mom could sense I was getting depressed. And every time I came home from school, she’d ask: ‘What can I do, Syd?’ But I never had an answer. Then one night we were watching ‘Stand By Me,’ and suddenly I got really excited about recreating the scenes with my dolls. Of course my mom encouraged me. We spent hundreds of hours going to thrift stores. We found exact fabric matches to what the boys wore—and my mom made perfect replicas. She was also in charge of the set design. Every detail was perfect. We took a road trip to Oregon where the film was shot, and spent an entire day shooting in the town. It was the most fun I’d ever had. And I knew I’d discovered my passion. Since then we’ve recreated scenes from over twenty movies. I’ve gotten commissions from all over the country. I take the photos—and mom does everything behind the scenes. She doesn’t want credit. That’s who she is. And not just for me-- for everyone. She does everything for my dad who has stage four cancer. But if an elderly neighbor needs their lawn mowed, she’s the one who shows up. Mom always told me that she was just like me as a child. She never had confidence. She never trusted her talent. So she’s always been behind the scenes. But she’s the most creative and selfless person I know. And I finally want her to be seen.”
♥️♥️♥️ this is beautiful!
You & your mom look so happy together. Beautiful ❤️
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@laurenksilva omg Harper loves this, you gotta show Sierra
Those sets are amazing! You are very talented x
Amazing 💕
Oh wow, your mother's face is quite literally that of an angel..
@5hensandacockatiel your mother sounds amazing. Truly blessed family 🙏🏾
@jordis424 This is the girl who takes those pictures
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Sydney, i’m so touched by your story. I can’t begin to tell you how much joy you have brought to all of us here in the AG world. What a wonderful role model your mom has been. It’s so nice to hear about all the support you’ve had from her all these years. I enjoy all your photos and appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating them. You’re truly an inspiration to all of us. Thanks again for sharing your story. Big Hugs🤗
@bigsolo22 this one!!
@fidipesos WEEPING!!!!
🇵🇰🇵🇰 When you are coming in Pakistan again?
I love this so much!!!♥️ Your mom rocks!
@phantompdf the stand by u pics!!! read this lol
@mary_sparkle this reminds me of you. You are this mom; creative and selfless ❤️
Doll it up! Your momma is SEEN ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
You and your mum really have something special 🧡💜💙💚💛❤️🖤