3 weeks ago
You are not your past mistakes. May we continue to step into the freedom of having a recovered life and live out of that freedom. May we not live out of what someone once knew or thought they knew of us. Your responsibility is to tend to your heart and what other people think of you. ⠀ Thank you @drcarolineleaf for this reminder.
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thats called expectations right..?
Thank you so much, I really needed this😭
I agree 🙌
I saw this earlier this morning and it brought me so much joy ✨ it’s so true, and such a great reminder!
Wow! These words are so powerful
I SO appreciate this!!
This is so good 👏🏻
I wish more people out there would read this and even more important: understand this. Understanding projection as well as dark personality traits is so valuable to overcome any. kind of trauma, confidence issues, people pleasing or fear.
This, this, and this!!!! 🙌🏾
This is so true in relationships 💜 by no means is any of us perfect. Love one another, help lift each other up to keep moving forward, to be better, to do better, we owe it to ourselves so we can do it to others 💜