3 weeks ago
HUMANS will soon arrive in all its glossy splendor. It’s 450 full-color pages of stories collected on the streets of cities around the world. A nostalgic throwback to the era when American passports actually allowed you to pass through ports. Perfect for anyone who misses travelling, talking to people, going outside, and days where you actually put on a pair of pants. But in all seriousness—it’s a book of fascinating people, wonderful stories, and deep emotions. I spent almost ten years on it. And it’s everything I could have hoped. You can preorder now through the link in bio, and it will arrive on your doorstep on October 6th. Then you can immediately douse it in Lysol.
@afzal.mohamed i want
@jpmorse1 new book! we gotta add to the collection :)
@pegahrashti sounds like this book was made for us! 💁🏼🙌🏼
Preordered and can not wait!
@lleslig this is so cool
There is not one story I have ready from @humansofny that didn’t make me cry, not one! Such beautiful, meaningful stories. 💗
so excited!! i can’t wait for my copy to get here!!🤍🤍🙏🏻🙏🏻
So excited 😍😍
Love it, can’t wait. Such amazing stories. 🧡
@emhamjam and now you know what to get me for bday or Halloween or thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter 😂✨
Brandon, I've pre-ordered this book...I noticed several other books by you. Is this new one a compilation of the other books?
I will support the work you do through this book. Please don’t ever stop. ❤️
Why is it on-sale on amazon US but not amazon Canada 😔
@kyliequilts_ have you seen this? Hard copy book of all the stories 😍
@eriiica_rae your first coffee table book 🙂
Pre-ordered mine!!! Can not wait! ❤️
Pre-ordered a couple months ago. Can’t wait!!