3 weeks ago
Draw me near to you, God, so I only hear your voice in whispers. I hang on your every word, Lord. Loosen the knots in my heart. There is a solitary lightbulb, small and dinky, attached to the ceiling of the darkest room imaginable, four walls covered in Vantablack. Tendrils of fear reach for my heart. You remind me that I have your love and approval. Working for love will only run me ragged. I have lost the meaning of rest and can just barely remember  what being filled feels like. I give to you the small, scared part of my heart, and though your hands are big, you are gentle with it. I absently sing to you in the shower. You, O God, have created a clean heart within me. ⠀ Poem by our contributor : @jessicachung13
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So so good.
Love this piece 🖤
an absolute gift of a poem 💜
Beautiful ✨✨✨✨
@sksavage 💞