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“I was married once before. It was a 300-person wedding in a massive Catholic church. With a big, grand dress that cost $1400. It was a fairy tale dream and I thought it was perfect. But within a year, things started to feel off. He became increasingly critical of me. And I found myself getting more and more subdued. Then a year into our marriage, he told me that he was having an affair. Suddenly I was thrown back into the whole dating thing. It was like: ‘Oh no. Not this again.’ But a few years later I met Thylar on an app, and right away things felt different. He accepted things about me that had been rejected in the past. Superficial stuff-- like TV shows and movies and bands. If I wanted to put a Dr. Who decal on my car, he wouldn’t question it. He was even more eccentric than me. Thylar is obsessed with a convenience store called Buccee’s. Their mascot is a beaver. He loves that beaver. He has like twenty mugs with that beaver on it. Both of us were coming from a similar place. We’d both dealt with infidelity in the past, so neither of us were in a rush to get married. We enjoyed taking things day-by-day. And we went on like that for two years, until one morning I woke up to the sound of Thylar groaning. He was kicking his right leg into the air. When I called 911, the dispatcher told me he was having a stroke. I rode with him in the back of the ambulance. He kept pointing at his eyes, then his chest, then at me. He began squeezing my ring finger, and tapping it. I knew what he was trying to say, but I just chalked it up to panic. Even after his recovery, I never brought it up. Because I didn’t want him to feel pressured. The next summer we held a live music benefit for his medical bills. After the third song, Thylar walked up to the microphone. He told everyone that he’d learned a lot from his experience. And that if you find a bright spot in this world-- you should hang onto it. Then he proposed to me in front of all our friends and family. We were married two months later. It was a spot where we loved to go hiking. Far off the trail, deep in the woods, beneath some great arching trees. There were only two witnesses. And I wore a $75 dress.”
Ok her $75 wedding dress is BEAUTIFUL
@stephanytorr this is so cute
@wildbillgunslinger a fellow Buccees fan!
Oh man i love bucees!
@clairemccaffery last photo. Your wedding
I’m not about to play with Thylar & this Buccees minister 😩😭
Love this and LOVE Buckees!
Exactly...less is always more...gosh honest truth 🙌🏼
@mulroephoto the beaver
@macey.rose omfg buccee’s
@niacarter lmao look at the last photo is that you in the future 🧐
@19bigrich82 cutest story
I know all about Buccees!! Loved the story! #texasreststop
@kerriallgaier buccee’s!! 🤣😂 mass chaos.
That god dang beaver. Has me crying everytime.😢
@criss_cross1203 look at the last photo😭😍🤣🤣
I ❤️ Buccee's and I ❤️ your story!!
Lol @jason_l_brown @dueckashley bucees hahahah