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A few things you can do to avoid shame shifting(spilling your shame onto others), and begin to take inventory of what’s really going on within you:⠀ 1. Journal the things you’re saying to yourself- actually take them from your head and onto paper, once you see them written out it will help you understand the painful ways in which you’re rehearsing your shame. Ask Jesus for the truth to reframe your self talk. It will take practice but it will eventually be natural to say truth to yourself before shaming and lying to yourself. ⠀ 2. Observe what angers you, scares you or makes you uncomfortable- this one requires vulnerability and honesty with yourself. When we begin to notice the onset of these feelings it will give us a chance to pause and explore what’s really happening inside instead of just subconsciously reacting negatively. ⠀ 3. Recognize where you’ve failed, forgive yourself and then ask for forgiveness from those affected- repentance and repairing are far underrated in our culture. When you fail, and you will, because you’re human, take inventory of what happens to you. How do you speak to yourself? How do you respond to others? Do you lose your temper? Close off? Avoid? Blame? Ask God to show you the humble way out of that moment and for the courage to forgive and repair.⠀ 4. Look for those things that seem to consistently bother you about others and ask God to show you what’s behind that- to become aware of our inner thoughts about others often reveals our relational fears and agreements we’ve made about types of people. This usually boils down to some shame we have around appearances, social status and/or behaviors. Ask God for the grace to move beyond our fears and biases into true community with others. This work isn’t comfortable but it’s so very helpful. You’d be surprised at the freedom that awaits when you’re willing to look inside first! God is faithful, and so very kind and gentle, to reveal our own hearts to us when we are willing to look. — words and wisdom from our friend @sarahdawn.hall ⠀ #athometherapy #selfcare #selflove #therapy #heal #dothework #Godisnear
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